for Conferences: the Conference Website

If you have a conference website in CGPublisher you will have public and private spaces where you will be able to:

The Public View
  • post information and images relating to the conference.
  • accept presentation proposals through a ‘call for papers’.
  • take registration, accommodation and extras bookings through a secure e-commerce connection.
  • publish conference proceedings through an online bookstore in any digital or physical format (e.g. print, CD), and at any level of aggregation (separate papers or whole proceedings).
The Private View
  • manage the conference website.
  • approve and reject presentation proposals.
  • manage registration, accommodation and extras information and prices.
  • maintain a full, secure online database of conference presenters and delegates.
  • manage the publishing workflow of conference publications, from submission, to refereeing, to final publication.

Download a brochure on Common Ground's Software and Services for Conferences.

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